Dual boot Windows 10 and Hackintosh

1 hour ago, STLVNUB said:

Check your open core config, check scan policy in misc, security and make sure NTFS is set

Probably need to do other things as I've seen booting Windows via OC is a {censored}


I read here, lately that OpenCore suggests to when dual booting, create a 200MB Fat32 partition for it. Remove from EFI partition and place in new OPENCORE partition.   I tried this once it works. But I had a problem when switched to Clover and then back again to OC where I could not boot any OS's at all.

The boot section got hosed. LOL;) 

Then I placed Clover back and same thing no boot. Wiped the drive and started fresh.  Happened twice. LOL!

Whatever the old guides state, back for OC 7.2  and below don't work on the new ones with Monterey for my hardware setup.

I've tried everything so far written by experienced folks that are dual booting. Doesn't work on my hardware. Not sure why so far.

I have a separate Windows Laptop that runs Windows 10 Pro.  I tired 11, don't like the interface and it's a hog on RAM, made for more Cores > CPU. The Surface Pro really looks nice running Windows 11 TV.

My hardware is old and needs 100 Core CPU!

Dual boot Windows 10 and Hackintosh
 and tons of RAM....  just kidding.

So I am happy with BIOS method F9 to get to Windows.  I installed Windows to get the PCI info and for the new SSD Drive to find if it has similar to my Samsung SSD the Magician software to boost the drive.  Plus cloning software.  I found cloning software but no boost software. So am going to purchase NVMe SSD Drive.  Then I can use Magician software to boost. 

 I found this nice theme for OpenCore made by BlackOsX that is peachy. (RedOldApple)  I looked for it for Clover but no dice.

One other thing I wish Slice would implement for Clover is the Kext feature which OpenCore has.  That is using MinKernel and MaxKernel.

In the case where such as this one, where Airporitlwm.kext made for Intel Wireless Bluetooth, rather strange to me but I found a workaround.

In the kernel>add,  I placed two kexts, one specifically for Big Sur, Airportitlwm.kext, and the other same kext name but made for Monterey Airportitlwm.kext.  Changed the name for Monterey one to Airportitlwmm.kext and set the version to MinKernel for 21. Set the name in the Folder so both kexts can coexist. 

Like this:

Airportitlwm.kext > Big Sur uname to 20.6

Airportitlwmm.kext > Monterey name to 21

It works perfectly because OC checks name and version. A nifty thing to have which I discovered by chance.

OpenIntelWireless as you might know?? has a specific one for each OS. Not sharing the same one. Rather strange.

So they made an Airportitlwm.kext for Big Sur, one for Monterey, one for Catalina, one for Mojave.  and for older OS's.

itlwm.kext is ethernet based and doesn't work on Big Sur and Monterey for AirPlay, Screen Mirroring but works on the older ones with FeatureUnlock.kext.

So these two issues presents me from going full bore on Clover. Which has not the Theme made for it and the Kext with MinKernel and MaxKernel.

1 Theme

2 MinKernel & MaxKernel in the Dictionary for each kext.

Maybe to keep things Slice thinking and Cloverish, to have MatchOS statement for kexts to load in special cases.

Forcekextload doesn't have this ability. MatchOS as far as I know.

Also, I believe that as long as Windows is occupying the first partition there, it will work is the conclusion but untested on my hardware.

I used Total Commander for my friend who had English Language Windows and her language to boot. Windows likes to have it's own partition and with no others.  Even with its predecessors.  Kind of bugs one out.  But that's the way they do things.

So unless OC can duplicate Total Commander style swapping, then Clover works best in this situation when Windows is not on the first partition.

On my hardware, which is HP came stock with Windows 10 Pro, still doesn't boot from within OC. Nor did your magic USB work on this hardware.

I formatted to Fat32 GPT with EFI available and it did not boot even from F9.  Which is strange. 

So it maybe as you state above for OC and windows.

That is nice though windows live USB! Thanks!

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Can I dual

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To run Windows on a Mac via Boot Camp:.
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